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Steven Miller | February 11, 2019

Steven Miller, a trainee at Hygieia Strength and Conditioning in Singapore, talks about starting barbell training later in life.

Starting Strength Stories | January 28, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Nicholas Racculia applies the principles behind the Starting Strength method to a group of very motivated lifters with developmental and intellectual disabilities at his gym - Iron City Athletic Club.

Joannes Marvin | January 10, 2019

Hygieia Strength & Conditioning in Singapore sends a message to Indonesian clients looking for coaching and strength training according to the Starting Strength Model.  [Use the CC icon in the video toolbar to show/hide English subtitles if needed]

Inna Koppel, SSC | January 07, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Inna Koppel and Mozelle Goldstein from Woodmere Fitness Club in Woodmere, NY discuss Mozelle's strength training while dealing with the effects of rheumatoid arthritis on her joints.

CJ Gotcher, SSC | December 19, 2018

Starting Strength Coach CJ Gotcher discusses interventions for dealing with tendinopathy from good to absolute silly bullshit including supplements, cryotherapy, and stretching.

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