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Mark Rippetoe | July 10, 2020

Mark Rippetoe answers Starting Strength Radio fan questions about training for martial arts and grappling (again), lineage, massage guns and lots of other things.

Mark Rippetoe | June 26, 2020

Mark Rippetoe answers Starting Strength Radio fan questions and responds to Comments from the Haters.

Chase Lindley | June 22, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Chase Lindley presses 365 lbs for two singles during a training session at Starting Strength Houston in June 2020.

Starting Strength Stories | June 15, 2020

Starting Strength Denver member Laurie describes her experience training at a Starting Strength Gym comparing her experience as a mental health professional and former personal trainer.

Cassi Niemann, SSC | June 11, 2020

Rowing for Lifters with SSC Cassi Niemann, a UCanRow2 Master Rowing Instructor with Concept2, Inc.. Cassi has over 20 years of rowing experience and works as a Starting Strength Coach and Indoor Rowing Coach online and in person in Richmond, Virginia at Richmond Balance. She also created a downloadable program for rowing called RowReady where you will find drills, tips, cues and a "linear progression" of 24 rowing workouts.

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