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Shaun Pang | June 13, 2018

Patricia talks about her experience training with Starting Strength Coach Shaun Pang at Hygieia Strength and Conditioning after being diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Dan McEachin | May 30, 2018

Dan McEachin, member of Greysteel Strength and Conditioning, describes his experience training with Starting Strength Coach Jonathon Sullivan and making strength gains while managing his Parkinson's.

Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | March 14, 2018

Jonathon Sullivan, MD, PhD, SSC discusses the impact of lifestyle factors including diet and exercise (especially of the strength training variety) on hypertension in this video from Greysteel Strength and Conditioning.

John F Musser, SSC | February 28, 2018

Starting Strength Coach John Musser presents on the topic of Social Capital to the Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference held in Wichita Falls, TX in August 2017.

Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD, SSC | November 22, 2017

Dr. Jonathon Sullivan kicks off the 2017 SSCAC Literature review focusing on strength and endurance: bioenergetic, cellular, and organellar adaptations.

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