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Mark Rippetoe | September 13, 2019

Mark Rippetoe and Stan Efferding discuss nutrition, The Vertical Diet, getting big and strong, and a variety of other topics.

Mark Rippetoe | September 06, 2019

Mark Rippetoe and Scott Davison talk about Scott's experience as an Air Force pilot flying B-52s during the Cold War.

Grant Broggi, SSC | August 05, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Grant Broggi meets with The Sterkur Company and White's Boots to discuss progress on the Starting Strength Weightlifting Boot.

Mark Rippetoe | August 02, 2019

Mark Rippetoe and Michael Matthews discuss lifting for aesthetics, nutrition, supplements, and the book publishing business.

Mark Rippetoe and Nick Delgadillo, SSC | July 26, 2019

Mark Rippetoe and Nick Delgadillo discuss the two-factor model of sports performance and why strength training should be a priority for people who train for fighting.

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