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Jeff Hairston, SSC | November 11, 2019

Starting Strength Coaches Jeff Hairston and Grant Broggi discuss strength and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Jeff is a brown belt under the Mendes Brothers at Art of Jiu Jitsu and a coach at The Strength Co., and Grant is the owner of the Strength Co in Orange County, CA.

Mark Rippetoe | October 25, 2019

Julia Avila and Rip discuss MMA, the impact of strength on performance in the UFC, and geology.

Mark Rippetoe | October 18, 2019

Mark Rippetoe and Robert Santana, RD, SSC, discuss aesthetics, training, and nutrition.

Brent J Carter, SSC | October 07, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter and Starting Strength Dallas member Graham talk about Graham's progress during his first few months training at Starting Strength Dallas including lean bodyweight increases, strength increases, and performance improvements.

Mark Rippetoe | September 27, 2019

Mark Rippetoe and Blake Wilson, owner of Dominion Strength, discuss belt manufacturing, leather, and the Starting Strength Belt.

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