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Ray Gillenwater, SSC and Nick Delgadillo, SSC | June 27, 2022

Ray Gillenwater and Nick Delgadillo talk about why Nick decided to work for The Aasgaard Company, what Nick does for Starting Strength Gyms, and some of his many hobbies. 

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | June 20, 2022

Siblings and Co-Founders, Ray, Ben, and Jen Gillenwater explain how to open a Starting Strength Gym. Spoiler: It’s terrible and then it’s great.

Byron Johnston, SSC | April 28, 2022

Starting Strength Coach Byron Johnston demonstrates where to set up your bar for safe squatting and pressing. 

Ray Gillenwater, SSC and JD Shipley | April 04, 2022

Owner of Starting Strength Houston and Starting Strength Katy, JD Shipley, talks to SS Gyms Co-Founder Ray Gillenwater about why he decided to open two gyms, his progression as a coach, and using the barbell to stave off death.

Starting Strength Stories | March 31, 2022

Pam and Dave discuss their experience training at Starting Strength Boise and how barbell training has improved their lives and health.

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