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Andrew Lewis, SSC | March 18, 2024

Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis explains the importance of ensuring your press setup is correct before unracking the bar. This not only maximizes efficiency but also minimizes energy waste, stabilizes the press, and optimizes force transfer.

Steve Ross, SSC | September 26, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross explains the importance of using hips in the press and the fix for common errors.

Steve Ross, SSC | September 18, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Steve Ross explains how to find the correct grip for the press and the reason you want to shrug your shoulders up at the lockout.

Zohar Yermiyahu, SSC - זוהר ירמיהו | August 31, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Zohar Yermiyahu demonstrates common mistakes lifters make while racking the bar during press and how to avoid them.

Adam Fangman | April 03, 2023

Starting Strength Coach Adam Fangman goes over corrections for common press errors and how to maximize the efficiency of your press. 

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