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Pete Troupos, SSC | February 15, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Pete Troupos demonstrates the movement of the shoulder joint and scapula when doing heavy presses, and discusses why pressing is safe for the shoulders.

Andrew Lewis, SSC | February 04, 2021

Starting Strength Coach Andrew Lewis discusses eye gaze position for the press and how having a fixed visual reference point can improve your press.

Mark Rippetoe | December 21, 2020

Rip discusses strengthlifting, a strength competition he developed that involves no judge participation, pressing instead of bench pressing, and a weigh out rather than a weigh in.

Mark Rippetoe | December 18, 2020

Mark Rippetoe and Starting Strength Coach Chase Lindley discuss his recent 405 lb press PR, growing up at WFAC, and his path to the Starting Strength Coach certification.

| December 07, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Chase Lindley does a 405 lb press during the WFAC Strengthlifting Fall Classic held at WFAC in November 2020.

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