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Shaun Pang | March 16, 2020

Starting Strength Coach Shaun Pang gives you a useful way to think about the hip movement in The Press.

Nick Delgadillo, SSC | December 19, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo discusses the grip and elbow position in the press during the Starting Strength Seminar press platform session.

Nick Delgadillo, SSC | August 01, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo talks about the progression of the basic barbell lifts during the programming lecture at a Starting Strength Seminar.

Chase Lindley | April 11, 2019

Chase Lindley presses a 350 lb PR during a training session at Wichita Falls Athletic Club on April 9th, 2019.

Mark Rippetoe | March 14, 2019

Mark Rippetoe demonstrates the proper way to take a compression grip for the press and bench press.

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