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Nick Delgadillo, SSC | August 01, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo talks about the progression of the basic barbell lifts during the programming lecture at a Starting Strength Seminar.

Chase Lindley | April 11, 2019

Chase Lindley presses a 350 lb PR during a training session at Wichita Falls Athletic Club on April 9th, 2019.

Mark Rippetoe | March 14, 2019

Mark Rippetoe demonstrates the proper way to take a compression grip for the press and bench press.

Nick Delgadillo, SSC | February 21, 2019

Starting Strength Coach Nick Delgadillo demonstrates a method for helping lifters feel the proper bar bounce out of the bottom of The Press.

Darin Deaton, DPT, SSC | July 18, 2018

Starting Strength Coach Darin Deaton demonstrates the teaching method for the press and Seminar Staff Coaches assist attendees with common issues in the press during the platform session at the Starting Strength Seminar.

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