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Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference Series

Robert Santana, SSC | October 11, 2017

Registered Dietitian and Starting Strength Coach Robert Santana presents research on fat cells and the effect of weight loss vs strength training on health.

Katherine Bickford, SSC | September 27, 2017

Starting Strength Coach Katherine Bickford presents her findings from a survey of female lifters who've experienced stress incontinence and gives suggestions on how to manage it during heavy barbell training.

Michael Wolf, SSC | September 06, 2017

Starting Strength Coach Michael Wolf explains how he runs a successful barbell program based on the Starting Strength Novice Linear Progression at a CrossFit Gym.

Darin Deaton, DPT, SSC | August 09, 2017

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Starting Strength Coach Darin Deaton discusses the use of barbells and the Starting Strength Model in his physical therapy practice.

John F Musser, SSC | April 26, 2017

Starting Strength Coach John Musser wraps up his presentation on special considerations for training first responders. In this segment, he discusses the baggage that a potential trainee may present the coach with.

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