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A Doctor's Opinion on Strength Training for Aging Women | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #19

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | June 13, 2022

Ray Gillenwater and Denise, a member of Starting Strength Boise, talk about her motivation for starting strength training, what recommendations were made years ago for strength training, and her medical opinion of using Starting Strength as preventative medicine. 

00:29 Denise's motivation for coming to Starting Strength Boise
01:12 Denser bones from strength training
02:41 Recommendations for strength training years ago
03:36 A medical doctor's point of view of the Starting Strength program
05:57 The squat and the posterior chain
10:55 Denise's barbell weight goals
14:01 Capabilities, abilities, and bone density change after starting the program
18:45 Medical opinion of Starting Strength as preventative medicine
21:39 Demystifying barbells for older women

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