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An Interview with Ray Gillenwater | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #26

Ray Gillenwater, SSC and Inna Koppel, SSC | August 01, 2022

Inna Koppel interviews Ray Gillenwater on his podcast about Starting Strength Gyms and what went into him creating the franchise company and team. 

  • 03:02 - Starting Strength Gyms was the next logical step
  • 11:38 - What each Gillenwater does/Whose idea was it?
  • 15:07 - Design/floor plan of the gyms
  • 21:05 - Why there isn't a front "sales" desk at a Starting Strength Gym
  • 32:05 - Advice for continuing education/becoming a Starting Strength Coach
  • 41:38 - The Starting Strength difference
  • 47:48 - How gym owners are chosen 
  • 54:51 - Our Values at Starting Strength Gyms/Gratitude


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