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Lift Shoot Fight with John Valentine | Starting Strength Radio #193

Mark Rippetoe | December 30, 2022

Rip talks with John Valentine and Nick D about the Lift Shoot Fight camp and John's company, Deeds of Arms.

  • 01:35 John Valentine and Lift Shoot Fight
  • 03:11 About John Valentine
  • 06:55 Expectations of the Lift Shoot Fight camp
  • 14:56 Coaching movement patterns and processes
  • 20:35 Lifting during Lift Shoot Fight
  • 26:35 Why getting stronger matters/shooting during Lift Shoot Fight
  • 34:31 Fighting during Lift Shoot Fight/real-world situations
  • 42:40 Assessing how you train
  • 49:28 Not having the right to defend yourself
  • 53:38 Deeds Of Arms

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