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Preparing for 21 Days Around Everest | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #18

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | June 06, 2022

Jon Conti is a talented cinematographer that documents his extreme hikes around Idaho and around the world. He and Ray are putting together a documentary-style video series to see how doing the Starting Strength program affects his hiking in preparation for a 21-day hike at an elevation of around 20,000 feet. Jon and Ray talk about the pros and cons of size/strength for hiking, risks involved with this experiment, and the questions/concerns that Jon has about the program.

  • 04:22 Jon Conti: Extreme hiker, cinematographer
  • 06:01 21-days hike around Everest
  • 06:58 The obvious benefits of strength
  • 11:42 The potential downsides of size
  • 19:14 The two-factor model applied to hiking
  • 24:54 Jon’s mom and her fall on the trail
  • 28:50 Risk assessments and benefits of TRT 
  • 32:11 Are steroids healthy?
  • 34:28 A black belt in BJJ and his SS case study
  • 40:50 How to eat for size and strength

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