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The Death of Objective Truth with Karl Denninger | Starting Strength Radio #133

| November 05, 2021

Rip is joined by Karl Denninger, author and owner of The Market Ticker, for a conversation about the end of objective truth. The full episode is available to all on the Starting Strength Network.

  • 10:28 Objective truth/ Covid Deaths
  • 20:59 The Bathroom Crime/Silencing Victims
  • 26:36 Social Media 
  • 30:39 Transwomen Taking Credit From Women
  • 34:58 Media Spin/Big Tech Censorship
  • 45:52 Responsibility/A Bit About Fauci
  • 51:43 We Allowed This 
  • 59:09 Moving Goal Post On Vaccinations
  • 1:11:59 How Does This End
  • 1:18:42 Revisiting The Data
  • 1:25:13 It’s Turned Into A Religion
  • 1:56:03 Fuel And Inflation


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