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The Movement Pattern Problem | Starting Strength Radio #140

Mark Rippetoe | December 24, 2021

Rip discusses why learning an unfamiliar movement pattern is difficult, the role of the coach in this process, and how ingrained movement patterns work against efficiency in barbell training.

3:09 Haters
13:27 The Main Topics
21:52 Lizard Brain? Learned Movements? Preconceived Notions?
26:40 Accumulating Correct Reps
28:40 How To Fix errors
32:19 Teaching And Cueing
34:55 Teaching And Coaching
38:13 Making A Good Coach
40:56 Resorting To Errors/Knees In Squat And Deadlift
46:01 Bad Coaching/Lifting Efficiency
50:34 Why We Teach The Same Things

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