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The Power Equation | Starting Strength Radio #117

Mark Rippetoe | July 16, 2021

Rip discusses power and its application to sports performance, training for power, and the misapplication of power training in strength and conditioning. 

  • 1:15 Haters
  • 8:26 What is Power?
  • 12:51 We Aren’t Sports Fans
  • 17:03 Power Production is Genetic/Testing
  • 2414 Mechanics of a Vertical Jump
  • 36:56 The Significance of a Big Vertical Jump
  • 44:58 Two Ways to Produce Force
  • 49:53 Rate of Force Production Training = Waste of Time
  • 55:55 Why use the Power Clean?
  • 1:00 What is the Power Clean?

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