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VAERS Data Analysis with Dr. Jessica Rose | Starting Strength Radio #166

Mark Rippetoe | June 24, 2022

Dr. Jessica Rose joins Rip to discuss VAERS data, conflicts of interest, misaligned incentives among pharmaceutical companies, government oversight agencies, and how it affects you.

Dr. Rose is Postdoctoral in Biochemistry, Postdoctoral in Molecular Biology, PhD in Computational Biology, Masters in Medicine (Immunology) and BSc in Applied Mathematics. Find her at Jessica's Universe.

  • 00:37 Dr. Jessica Rose
  • 2:22 The VAERS data
  • 7:34 Why do we even have third party oversight?
  • 9:45 Vaccinating babies
  • 12:32 Documenting unsafe facts
  • 14:02 Conflict of interest
  • 21:22 Incentives on not reporting injuries
  • 28:23 The real dangers
  • 39:40 Where is the autopsy data?
  • 45:54 Your babies are not safe with the vaccination
  • 49:39 Why is VAERS still in place?
  • 51:44 Legacy media
  • 1:03:55 Why Dr. Rose and others keep fighting

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