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Easy Doesn't Work | A Review of Morton, et al.

| August 24, 2016

Jonathon Sullivan, Starting Strength Coach and Physician, leads a panel discussion on a recent paper in which the authors concluded that "Neither load nor systemic hormones determine resistance training-mediated hypertrophy or strength gains in resistance-trained young men."

Panel members are: Jonathon SullivanAustin BarakiJohn Petrizzo, and CJ Gotcher.

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  • 0:00: Overview and introduction of panelists (Sullivan)
  • 3:15: Introduction of featured paper (Sullivan)
  • 5:01: Review and critique of paper abstract (Petrizzo, Gotcher)
  • 11:28: Discussion of the data (Gotcher)
  • 20:59: Summary of and reactions to the data (Gotcher, Petrizzo, Sullivan)
  • 24:49: Questioning validity of exercises in the study (Gotcher)
  • 26:04: Wrap-up of data discussion (Sullivan, Baraki)
  • 28:27: Obtaining and measuring data (Baraki)
  • 37:17: ACSM rep range recommendations influencing the study (Baraki, Sullivan)
  • 39:28: Description of exercise program (Baraki)
  • 42:38: Analysis of exercise program (Baraki, Sullivan)
  • 45:19: Overview of hormonal protocol data (Sullivan)
  • 47:17: Comments on problems in the methodology (Petrizzo, Sullivan, Gotcher)
  • 51:45: Critical analysis of discussion thus far (Sullivan)
  • 53:10: Relevance of the paper and discussion of volume discrepancies in the methodology (Petrizzo, Sullivan, Gotcher, Baraki)
  • 1:00:30: Doing the easier thing? (Sullivan, Baraki, Petrizzo)
  • 1:03:13: Discussion of "direct proof" (Baraki)
  • 1:05:49: The frame of the problem (Gotcher, Sullivan)
  • 1:10:15: Panel conclusions (Petrizzo)

Audience Q&A

  • 1:11:09: The elevator pitch
  • 1:19:53: Mark Rippetoe's elevator pitch
  • 1:21:23: Clarification of results
  • 1:23:30: Potential injury risks of protocol
  • 1:27:53: Mark Rippetoe comments on the training effect of a 1RM
  • 1:29:12: Adaptations caused by working up to a 1RM
  • 1:30:04: Potential damaging effects of study for fitness industry
  • 1:33:47: Questions about the raw data
  • 1:35:30: Dr. Sullivan's conclusion

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