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Episode 27 - Legal Matters

Mark Rippetoe with Brodie Butland | June 07, 2016

Starting Strength Coach Brodie Butland discusses personal trainer licensing, waivers, and other legal matters with Rip on this episode of the Starting Strength Podcast. 

00:00 Welcome & Introduction

00:56 State Licensure for Health & Fitness Professionals

  • 01:35 Background & Origin
  • 04:24 Pushback
  • 05:55 Why opposition is important - Standards of Practice 

10:35 Upcoming Starting Strength Coaching Convention talk - Case updates, AED devices and training requirements, and more legal fun.

12:35 Waivers - Special considerations for online training; Google pulls up invalid waivers - don't assume you can copy from others, get specific legal advice.

15:40 Pregnancy and training - Ramifications of coaching a pregnant client.

17:45 Case law related to miscarraige/training injury, "preexisting condition" worsening or otherwise being affected. Waivers can be drafted to include language specific to this condition and possible consequences.

21:53 Insurance and waiver should be up-to-date.

22:24 Training by Brodie- Limited time, but clients locate him from the credential search.

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