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Retirement Planning for Physical and Financial Health | Starting Strength Gyms Podcast #64

Ray Gillenwater, SSC | November 20, 2023

Ray Gillenwater talks to John Kawauchi (60 years old) about a past shoulder injury, how he rehabbed with Starting Strength, financial advice for preparing for retirement, and life insurance.

  • 01:35 Summary of John's shoulder injury
  • 04:44 Rotator cuff tear
  • 05:56 Everyday life with a shoulder injury
  • 07:50 Will's approach to PT
  • 11:06 Starting numbers
  • 16:18 Retirement planning
  • 18:40 What would you tell your old self?
  • 21:19 Training together with family
  • 30:31 How to prepare for retirement - financials
  • 34:02 Maximize your income
  • 36:22 Things that are not correlated will make your portfolio safer
  • 41:14 Don't invest in something you don't understand
  • 47:15 Life insurance advice

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