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Learning and Teaching Strategies, Pt 3

stef bradford, PhD, SSC | July 13, 2016

stef bradford finishes up her discussion how we perceive, process, and store information. This is the final part of her address to the 2015 Starting Strength Coaches Association Conference that took place in Wichita Falls, TX.

00:00 (continuation)

00:42 Perceptual learning - "flashcard" approach for rapid learning with immediate feedback

04:41 "Recovery" - Spacing :: Focused attention on the problem --> shift to not actively working on the problem
      - 05:39 Forgetting - clearing out the irrelevant details/associations
      - 08:45 Forming new associations when working on a problem subconsciously
      - 11:12 Spacing helps vary context, approach, sensitization

14:10 Back to the model - coaching practise

17:30 Failure is a large part of the learning process

     - 18:30 Context, associations & experimentation
     - 19:46 Processing during notetaking, rearranging notes
     - 21:03 Self-testing - make it harder
     - 21:50 Working on hardcopy vs screen

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